So there I laid, while it was deathly instigating to dwell down deep within and rid myself of my devestating discontentment.. The party last night consisted of beer after beer and toxic inhaled whiskey. It just happened to be Sunday , a day of prolonged agony as the beer store didnt open till 1pm, so i had to wait untill then to grasp a can of cold beer to rid myself of trembling nerves. But now i had the personal activity of procuring small change via humiliating and outright desperate begging. But at this point it seemed the easiest route. If i could conjure up 2 dollars i could get a quart of Mickeys and a bag of Buglar smoking tobacco as a pack of cigarettes was too expensive. I pursued the public filled parking lot of Walmart with hopes of an easy mark. I sucked up my inhibited frame of mind and approached a couple getting in their car and as i thought a dollar to be too much to ask, i asked simply for 50 cents. To much my surprise and overwhelming release they handed it to me. I asserted mentioned to them that god would bless them and they went on their way. All i needed for me now was $1.50 to obtain my sedative and settle my nicotine cravings. But time after time as i sucked up my pride, the people said to me they didn’t have anything for me. But i tried and tried asking for quarters. I was hopeful although never too positive that i would collect this feat. Then i saw the jackpot, as i noticed 2 elderly women driving near. They stepped out of the car and i went to it. As i was trying to act upbeat and positive i approached them. I conjured up a wimpy smile and stated “Im homeless and i’m hungry and i’m in between jobs”. As i ficticiously looked them directly in the eyes so not to show my treacherously beaten shame.. One good quart would help disguise them self inflicted defects and with a couple of quarts of Mickeys i’d return to settled nerves. Panhandling was a hard lesson and too devestating of a lifestyle to subdue.. This way of life went on and on as I was an alcoholic pure and simple. But with the humility i’ve learned from it is what allows me to openly share such an occurrence. This is of course only a fabricated story but the reality is alcohol yields the potential to make many good men cringe and beg for its release.Now, I am gladly enthused to say i’ve been sober for 7 1/2 years and always appreciative of gods mercy in my life.

Adventurous Extremes LLCSoon coming alive and so it will beChefRob’s amongst the best,Such an artist and and a mighty fine chef,Checking out the food and keeping it warmthe oven can be hot so u’ve been warned..Connecting the Dots is a mighty f u n gameCold food cold and the plates as well,Making sure we make it before the bellSoup and salad the 1st course meal,Keep your appetite for meats that appeal.Wine or beer, tea or coke,Margarita or martini and a big cigar to smoke..Desert is treasured as its creme brulee, you can eat chocolate pie, but don’t get carried away..Dancing and stepping, all to the beat,Dance all night by moving our feetChecking out the gals, as its getting so latePassing the erb so we can relate.Retiring at night to catch a few Z-”sSips down on nightcaps and getting em free..Driving from the bar, 5 miles homeDam don’t wreck as we’re checking our phones.Talking to the kids, about when we’ll meet,But not tonight as its a quarter till 3Slipping into bed and cover all,From my head to my feet and a bit too coldQuilts so snug and fires so nicePillows and. Sheets and loving on my wife.Next days plans being reviewedTomorrows saturday as we ware amused..

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